Steps for Standard and Premium Services

1. Go to
2. Click on Make Payment
3. Fill out form: Reason for Payment: Setup fee Price: $25
4. Follow the instructions from PayPal.

Once payment is received:

5. Send images and content to from your email address. Also please make sure you leave a phone number where you can be reached.
6. Allow 1-3 business days (We do not work on weekends)
7. An email will be sent to you when page is built with a link to view the page.
8. You must approve the page or make any changes at that time
9. ComNAc will make changes
10. Repeat step 7 if changes are made

After all changes are done and page has been approved Payment must be made to ComNAc

11. Go to
12. Click on Make Payment
13. Fill out form: Reason for Payment: Website Approved Price: $400 or $500
14. Follow the instructions from PayPal.

After Payment is Made

If signed up for Premium otherwise skip step 15 and go to 16

15. ComNAc will contact and setup a 1 year hosting account and will buy the domain.

Final Steps

16. ComNAc will upload the webpage to the Hosted site and provide a CD with the webpage for the user.

Other services require collaboration via telephone and email.